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We are the well-known data entry service providers in Indore. Data Management can make a business. We are offering a package of fine quality data entry services to our most precious customers. We are specialized in providing accurate and error-free data entry services at the promised time. We are the right choice for your data entry needs. We are sure to exceed your expectations in every way.

Data Entry Services

Our commercial success is our reputation on imparting the best standards of safety, quality and business integrity. We take speed and accuracy in a serious and extreme manner. We are having highly skilled data entry operators, project managers and IT specialists who will work together to develop a solution suitable to your needs. We can manually capture your data for you from paper forms, surveys, data lists, and customer membership cards. We are here to help you to reduce labor costs and improve turnaround times. From forms into specific computer programs like MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, to image files and a good range of software packages.

Data Processing Services

Whether you handle large volumes of data or small amounts of data, you do realize that conversion and processing of data is significant for your business. With rising staff salaries, overheads and infrastructural burdens, outsourcing your data processing requirements might just be the solution that you are looking for.

Of late, several organizations - from one-man freelancers to small and medium shops have started offering data processing services. Though you've got multiple options to opt from, once you choose us as your data processing partner who is best suited to your needs, you won’t to go for another option.

Data Conversion Services

Data conversion services offer businesses a mean of organizing countless amounts of data, including hard copies, files, or digital content, producing a single, sleek format for easy to retrieve data access. Our Data Entry Outsourcing uses exclusive software, and conversion techniques crafted by our own technicians, to perform complex conversion services carefully tailored to suit a wide-range of business needs. Businesses with different type of data content, like files, catalogs, periodicals, web data, PDF, or databases require a streamlined, single-use format so as to best access their data quickly and easily.

Data Mining Services

Data Mining Services provides valuable intelligence for businesses looking to build unique contact lists using data acquired from specified databases or websites. We withdraw data from complex sources with the motive that your email marketing campaign reaches its intended audience. Data mining, how it can impact marketing, enables companies to use information extracted from multiple sources for the needs of building valuable contact lists.

Email marketing campaigns, proven to be quite effective during this digital era, cannot proceed without an accurate, current, and specific list of contacts. Data Mining offers a tailored approach to business marketing with our data mining services. Our data mining process extracts relevant information from amongst provided sources with our state-of-art automated system, presenting your business with only the most applicable material.

Tele-calling Services

When you talk of telemarketing, the idea many people get is, ‘pesky sales people calling in the middle of dinner or to interrupt something.” That’s not telemarketing but cold calling.

Tele-calling is a valuable marketing tool, particularly to small businesses – a good way to save both time and money, while offering all the benefits of direct contacting your customers.

Tele-calling can also be used in a “fishing expedition,” where the calls aren’t necessarily meant to sell a product or service, but to find out if the individual you’re contacting has any interest in it.

It’s a human to human interaction, which makes it very personal and intimate. Our team of tele-callers can boost your business by generating demand and leads via all possible promotion channels anywhere in the world.

Customer Support Services

Customer Support Centre Outsourcing plays a pivotal role in providing seamless IT support to our customers. We deliver professional and excellent support services in various dedicated service areas like contact center, IT helpdesk, Service center operations etc. The real work doesn’t start until you have sold your product and services, it is after the delivery of your products and services that you lay the foundation of lasting relation with your customers.

We have an expert team that provides 24X7 helpdesk services, and keeps you assured of unprecedented customer support. We become one with your in-house team. We specialized in IT help desk Services, as an experienced IT company with a global reputation. Also, what differentiates our services; we provide specifically designed managed custom IT solutions as per your local business needs.

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