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Get benefitted by our high-quality custom software development services offered by us for your business needs. Whether you are an established organization or a startup company, running an organization is always a challenging task. It is your persistence and passion that has led your company to new heights but the competition always persists. You need to improvise yourself constantly to stay ahead of your competitors. At Oxysquad Online services we tend to provide custom software development services in Indore.

Our company is known for developing various high performance and critical applications in the Accounting domain. We develop Account Management software in a customized manner for your business requirements. Oxysquad is famous among the software development industry for on-time project delivery. Once you take our service, it will be forever. Our post development support is available 24/7. Our company has been serving the accounting industry for years now. From the development of the application to the deployment, we do everything for the accounting industry. We have a team of highly educated, skilled, and trained developers. Discuss your Accounting Software requirements with our solution experts and they will match your software needs with vetted developers selected for their specialized technology and industry experience. Once we complete your project as per your specifications, we hand-over your proprietary source code and intellectual property to you.

Accounting Software

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Inventory Management

We offer the best business solutions and services to all who belongs the hospitality industry. Hotel Management Software is designed to fulfill all the unique needs of the hotel with its multifunctional facility to automate your operations and amplify your profit. Whether you want to manage front office, reservations, housekeeping, accounting, marketing, sales, payrolls or even feedback of your prestigious guests, we have everything that meet your unique hospitality requirements. We have got an experienced team of developers who can go a step ahead and provide the best solution for the clients and help them to maintain their competitive advantage.

Hotel booking software is a fully-fledged and comprehensive system that facilitates the end-users to hassle-free book hotel of their preferred place at the preferred budget. Rich-featured Hotel Booking Software facilitates repeated and new customers to discover great deals, offers, rooms’ availability, exiting feature of different hotels, compare hotel prices and the customer can save money on the next trip. Our passionate team of experts combines their creativity and intensive software knowledge in preferring innovative and feature-rich Hotel Management software.

Hotel Management

Fulfill demands with optimal inventory levels, monitor stock transfers, forecast inventory requirements, and optimize stock management across multiple locations with best Inventory Management System in Indore. Seamlessly manage and monitor stock movements from one warehouse to another or from one outlet to another. Take advantage of our Fully-Featured Inventory Management Software to monitor available stock, internal transfer, stock-in, and stock-out progress from one dashboard in real-time. We ensure optimal internal control with low stock notification and future inventory demand forecast. Our company help you optimize inventory turnover by ensuring items that are sitting on the shelves longest are sold first. We at Oxysquad, help you manage stock requests from all outlets or warehouses and automate the approval workflow!

Stock Management

The successful implementation of any software hinges critically on having an experienced and dedicated Project Manager well versed within the robust Project Management methodologies. To achieve this, a key Project Manager is deployed for every and each project. He or she is going to come equipped with the required domain and industrial experience fitted to the actual project and can act as one point of liaison, taking the software project management and implementation from the very beginning all the way through to deployment and beyond.

As a part of this effort, the Project Manager takes charge of listening and understanding client requirement, gathering detailed requirement specifications from the users and stakeholders, and comes up with a realistic and sensible implementation plan with milestones and key deliverables charted at various stages. As a key player in ensuring the graceful rollout of the project and also to supply the utmost transparency of implementation ongoing to our clients, our Project Manager will also keep the client updated regularly on project progress.

Project Management

School management software development has become an essential element of many educational institutions these days. The school administration is usually engaged in some or other work. So, it becomes inconvenient for the administration to manage and organize all the activities and to keep a track of them.

Our School Management System is meant especially for schools to manage challenges during a single unified solution. It is a 100% web-based solution, with a proven record of increased productivity and efficiency. It is reliable and affordable. We customize our system to fulfill the precise requirements of our client. Designed to be user friendly, our system enhances the school’s ability to watch and analyze data associated with students, staff, parents and other day to day administrations.

School Management

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